Robin Pollara and Richard Allan Ploch


"Richard Allan Ploch, R.D.E., Artistic Director for Acanthus, a chamber-sized Ballet Company and Adjunct Instructor of Dance at Hillsborough Community College and University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida, has taught ballet for over 30 years. He has his MA in Dance from Ohio State University. His mentors and principle teachers are George Zoritch, Nenette Charisse, Peff Modelski, and most recently Ruth C. Petrinovic. Ploch has performed with various ballet and modern companies in New York City. Ploch is active in International Council of Kinetography Laban/Labanotation, CORD and CORPS-de-Ballet.

Robin Pollara, R.D.E., Master Teacher of RPM, Director of the Tampa Ballet Center, a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the art of classical ballet education in Tampa, Florida. She has been teaching ballet for more than 20 years. She instructs her students using the Petrinovic syllabus and teaching techniques. In her professional performing career, she danced with The Tampa Ballet, Bay Ballet Theatre, Dance Theatre of Florida, Ballet Theatre International, Acanthus Ballet, Florida Nature Coast Ballet, and the Tampa Ballet Center.
Ms. Pollara continues to expand her knowledge in the art of teaching and is working extensively with Ms. Petrinovic in the creation of the RPM methodologies, and passing on the training methods to her students.


October 14, 2018, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
The Therapeutic Barre as a Warm-up Tool for the Ballet Class - Studio 5